Virtual Poster Session Posters

The Virtual Poster Session is Now Live! A “couch to COSM” CME event featuring 500+ virtual scientific posters from six participating Societies. Preview the poster list below. Society program guides: ANS Posters AOS Posters
B001ALAA Case of Angiomyolipoma Located in the LarynxHiromoNakamuraMD
B002ALAA Convergence of Art and Science: Demonstrating Cricoarytenoid Joint Movement Through AnimationRobert CWangMD
B003ALAA First Case of Multiple Warthin's Tumor in the Pharynx and LarynxYutaNakaegawaMD, PhD
B005ALAA New Orthotic Device for Maintaining Neck Flexion Following Tracheal Resection in AdultsNicoleMolinMD
B006ALATraining of Office-based Procedures in Laryngology Fellowship ProgramsNecatiEnverMD
B008ALAAdverse Events Associated with Vocal Fold Medialization: A Maude Database Cross-Sectional AnalysisVishalNarwaniMD
B009ALAAminolevulinic Acid (ALA) with Photodynamic Therapy for Treating Laryngeal Premalignant Lesions: Long Term OutcomesAlenaSanteerapharpMD
B010ALABlue Light Laser Results in Less Vocal Fold Scarring Compared to KTP Laser in Normal Rat Vocal FoldsR. JunLinMD, MSc
B011ALARecent Laryngology Fellowship Graduates: Where Are They Now?VictoriaCressMS2
B012ALAClinical Implication of Early Injection Laryngoplasty for Vocal Fold Paralysis Caused by Esophageal Cancer Surgery
B014ALAComparison of voice-specific outcomes in patients with essential tremor after deep brain stimulation
Kathryn W.
B016ALADevelopment of a Bioinspired, Self-Adhering and Drug-Eluting Laryngotracheal Patch
Gregory R.
B017ALADoes the EDI Remain Predictive of Airway Stenosis in Obese Patients?KevinCalamariBA
B018ALADysphonia and Dysphagia as Presenting Signs for a Meningeal Recurrence of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Case Study and Review of the LiteratureGlenn ToddSchneiderMD
B019ALADysphonia and Laryngeal Muscle Hypertrophy following Testosterone Replacement TherapySun JooKimBS
B021ALAEfficacy of Injection Laryngoplasty for Treatment of Aspiration in Acute Iatrogenic Vocal Fold Paralysis: A Systematic ReviewSabrinaPanBS
B022ALAEndoscopic Cauterization and Excision of Bleeding Vallecular Varix by Endopath Bipolar Macro ForcepsMariah M.ServosBA
B023ALAEsophageal dysmotility is common in Patients with Multiple System AtrophyRumiUehaMD, PhD
B024ALAEstradiol Ameliorates Vocal Fold Fibrosis by Modulation of Estrogen Receptor-Mediated TGF-ß1 SignalingSatomiOzawaMD
B026ALATransoral Approach for Awake KTP Laser Treatment of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
B027ALAHeterogeneity and Hierarchy of the Cells in the Macula Flava of the Human Vocal FoldKiminoriSatoMD, PhD
B028ALAIdiopathic Vocal Fold Paralysis in Two Adolescent Patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 2KathleenTibbettsMD
B029ALAImpact of Patient Factors and Management Strategies on Outcomes after Traverse Posterior CordotomyKathleenTibbettsMD
B032ALAIntracordal Injection of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor into the Vocal Fold in 100 Cases of Atrophy, Scar or SulcusShigeruHiranoMD, PhD
B034ALALncRNA ctb-147c22.8 Regulates the Effect of Downstream Proteins on Recurrent Respiratory Papilloma CellsXiaofeiPan
B036ALAPapillomatous Squamous Proliferation in the Upper Aerodigestive TractRichard H.LawMD
B037ALAPepsin Concentration in Saliva of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Patients is Influenced by the Foods and Beverages Consumed before the SamplesJerome R.LechienMD, PhD, MS
B038ALAPerioperative Nocturnal Fingertip Pulse Oximetry Monitoring in Juvenile Onset Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis
B039ALAPerioperative Outcomes of Open Airway Reconstruction Among Adult Patients
B042ALAReconstructive Transoral Laser Microsurgery for Intractable AspirationIhabAtallahMD, PhD
B043ALARecurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Outcome Measures of Office Versus Operating Room Treatment Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisSophiaChenBS
B044ALAReversible Bevacizumab Induced Vocal Fold NecrosisSenthuranTharmalingamMD, MSc
B045ALARheumatoid Arthritis Presenting as Acute Upper Airway ObstructionKavitaBhatnagarBA
B046ALASpontaneous Regression of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis with HPV Vaccination: A Case SeriesSarahNyirjesyMD
B047ALASupraglottic Lipoma Causing Airway Obstruction
B048ALAThe Effects in the Upper Airway of Heat and Exposure to Combustion By-Products of Burning Materials on FirefightersGustavo PolacowKornMD, PhD
B050ALAUnsedated Office-Based Thilium Laser Therapy for Vocal Fold Lesions: A Review of 59 CasesAbdul-LatifHamdanMD, EMBA, MPH
B051ALAUse of Baclofen as an Adjunct Treatment for Muscle Tension DysphoniaKrishnaSambhuBA
B052ALAVoice-Related Quality of Life is Associated with Postoperative Change in Degree of Subglottic StenosisAndrewNeevelBS
B054ALAA 4-Year Retrospective Review of the Presence and Pattern of Ventricular Hyperadduction following Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis or Paresis Compared to Unilateral CordectomyNupur KapoorNerurkarMS (ENT)
B055ALAHey Siri: How Effective Are Common Voice Recognition Systems at Recognizing Dysphonic Voices?MatthewRohlfingMD
B056ALADo Patient Reported Outcomes Correlate with Objective Swallowing Assessments in a Selected Population Referred to a Multidisciplinary Swallowing Disorder Clinic?KarunaDewanMD
B057ALAPartners of Persons with Dysphagia Have Significantly Reduced Mental HealthYuvalNachalonMD
B058ALAInpatient Vocal Fold Medialization for Vocal Fold Movement Impairment after Thoracic Aortic RepairLaurenPinzasBA
B059ALARestricted Water Intake Adversely Affects Rat Vocal Fold BiologyChenwaiDuanBS
B060ALASpeech Performance after Anteriolateral Thigh Flap Phonatory Tube Reconstruction for Total LaryngopharyngectomyYi-AnLuMD
B061ALAClinical outcomes following combined transverse cordotomy - anterior medial arytenoidectomy (TCAMA)
for isolated glottic stenosis
B062ALAThe Effects of Estrogen on the LarynxCharlesLenellMS, CCC-SLP
B063ALASafety of Singing on Steroids: Testing the Truth of Received Wisdom
ChrisineEstesMM, MA
B064ALACharacterization of Fibroblasts in Iatrogenic Laryngotracheal Stenosis and Type II Diabetes Mellitus
B065ALAEffects of Arytenoid Adduction Suture Direction on Acoustics and AerodynamicsPranatiPillutlaBS
B066ALADysphagia Evaluation: The Added Value of Concurrent MBS and EsophagramDanielHawkinsBS
B067ALAScarless Surgery for Transgender Women: A Transvestibular Endoscopic Approach for ChondrolaryngoplastyLaurenceGasconMD
B068ALASemi-Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Detection and Differential Diagnosis of Laryngeal Movement DisordersAshleyO'Connell Ferster
B069ALAAddition of Wendler Glottoplasty to Voice Therapy Improves Transfemale Voice OutcomesSarah K.BrownMS, CCC-SLP
B070ALAPolymeric microspheres containing human vocal fold fibroblasts for vocal fold lamina propria regeneration: Preparation and In-vitro Analyses
AliciaReyes ValenzeulaPhD
B071ALADevelopment of a Surgical Procedure for Replacement of the Posterior Cricoarytenoid Muscle in Bilateral Vocal Fold ParalysisRandal CPanielloMD, PhD
B072ALANovel Use of Allograft Adipose Matrix (RENUVA) for Vocal Fold Augmentation: Safety and EfficacyKarlaO'DellMD
B073ALALaryngeal Pathologies Associated with the Genre of Singing and Professional Singing StatusJanineRotsides
B074ALAPrevalence of Laryngeal Electromyography Abnormal Findings in Asymptomatic Adults Across the Age SpectrumAndrée-AnneLeclercMD, MSc
B075ALAThe Developing of a New iPhone App for Voice Quality Assessment Based on the GRBASKojimaTsuyoshiMD, PhD, MS
B076ALADifferences in Rates of Progression to Posterior Glotic Stenosis in Autoimmune and Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis
De la ChapaMD
C001ABEACost Savings of Using Fluorescein Strips in Laser Laryngoscopy SurgeryMichaelGebhardMD
C002ABEACervical Esophagostomy for Application of Intraluminal Negative Pressure TherapyRicardoAuletMD
C003ABEAAn Unusually Large Object Removed from the Aerodigestive Tract of a Patient with Self Harm Syndrome: A Case ReportMichaelLaiMD
C004ABEAEmbryology of Tracheal RingsMatthijsFockensMD
C005ABEAResidual Glottic Web in DiGeorge Syndrome: A Risk Factor for Successful Extubation?TylerOklandMD
C006ABEAContralateral Modulation to Swallowing Interneurons in the Dorsal Medulla in Perfused RatsYoichiroSugiyamaMD, PhD
C007ABEAFeasibility and efficacy of TCS (docetaxel, carboplatin, TS-1) as induction chemotherapy for locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinomaKoheiYamaharaMD, PhD
C008ABEAMetastatic renal cell carcinoma presenting as a rapidly enlarging endotracheal mass due to hyper-progression on anti-PD1 immunotherapyStevenHoshalMD
C009ABEAPharyngo-Esophageal duplication cysts as a cause of airway obstruction in young children. Report of three cases and review of the literatureJamesTanseyMD
C010ABEAFlexible Endoscopic Treatment of Zenker's Diverticulum by Otolaryngologists is Safe and EffectiveJosephBradleyMD
C011ABEALaryngeal Rhabdomyosarcoma in an Adult: Diagnostic Pitfalls and Management with Long Term Organ PreservationRebeccaNelsonMD
C013ABEABig brother is in Big trouble: a unique oropharyngeal foreign bodyAndrewRedmannMD
C015ABEAThe Combined Approach of Subglottic laryngeal Closure and Selective Myotomy of Swallowing related MusclesMasayaUchidaMD
C016ABEAModifying titanium bridges for type 2 thyroplasty to improve device mechanical and safety performanceTetsujiSanukiMD
C017ABEAType Diverticulum and Esophago-esophageal Fistula Presenting as Complications of Anterior Cervical Spine SurgeryPranatiPillutlaBS
C019ABEATransgender Voice Feminization: Characteristics & OutcomesMichelleAdessaMS, CCC-SLP
C020ABEATransoral laser-assisted diverticulectomy: Swallow study results after complete endoscopic pouch excision for Zenker's diverticulumRyanMcMillanMD
C021ABEACricoid Chondritis -- A Rare and Reversible Etiology of Airway StenosisKershenaLiaoMD
C022ABEAThe Association Between Hiatal Hernia and Esophageal DysmotilityYUVALNACHALONMD
C023ABEAIntermittent Vagal Nerve Stimulation-Associated Vocal Fold Movement ImpairmentJenniferYanMD
C024ABEAComparison of Office-Based vs. Operative Settings for Esophageal Dilation: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisNikitaKohliMD
C025ABEAPatient Satisfaction With Methods of Interpretation in Otolaryngology ClinicHelen HyeonSohBS
C027ABEAExtracranial Carotid Pseudoaneurysm Presenting with Ipsilateral Vagus and Spinal Accessory Nerve DysfunctionJustinHallMD
C028ABEADistribution of label retaining cells and their properties in the newborn vocal fold mucosaKiminobuSatoMD
C029ABEARobotic Epiglottopexy as a Method for Managing Adult Obstructive Sleep ApneaJenniferShehanMD
C033ABEAManagement of Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis During Pregnancy - A Support Group SurveyHilaryMcCraryMD
C034ABEASwallowing Symptoms in Patients Undergoing Thyroidectomy: A Prospective Cohort StudyTannerMillerMD
C035ABEAComparing Long-term Outcomes in Tracheostomy Placed in the First Year of LifeJordanSalleyBS
C036ABEADiltiazem as a novel therapy for a chronic cough subtypeKeithContiMD
C037ABEAComorbid Dysphagia and Malnutrition in Elderly Hospitalized PatientsLauraBomzeMD
C039ABEAEffortful upward pitch glide as a predictor of swallow function in patients with upper vs lower motor neuron lesionsScottKing
C040ABEAUnusual Application of Transoral Robotic SurgeryMichaelLaiMD
C041ABEAUnexpected Complication following Airway Surgery in a Patient with Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (GPA)NausheenJamalMD
C042ABEALong-Term Follow-Up After Radiation Therapy for Laryngeal AmyloidosisCaitlinBertelsenMD
C043ABEALet the Healer BewareMursalinAnisMD
C044ABEAPathophysiology of aspiration in piglets with unilateral superior laryngeal nerve injury using quantitative analysis of videofluoroscopyMayaStevensMS
C046ABEAHope on the Horizon? Resolution of Severe Esophageal Button Battery Injury Following Removal with Acetic Acid IrrigationRyanBorekMD
C048ABEATracheal Lobular Capillary Hemangioma in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Report and Review of the LiteratureRayWangMD
C049ABEASymptomatic Triticeous Cartilage Causing Thyrohyoid Syndrome with Successful TreatmentBettyYangMD
C050ABEACharacteristics of Individuals with Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis Managed Non-SurgicallyAishaHarunMD
C052ABEAQuantifying Pharyngoesophageal Segment Distention in Patients Undergoing Cricopharyngeal Myotomy after Balloon DilatationGregoryDionMD
C053ABEAIndications and prognosis of surgical procedures for laryngeal or tracheal stenosis: Descriptive study using Japanese claims databaseKayokoMizunoMD
C054ABEAEffects of Multiple Balloon Dilation on Subglottic Stenosis in an Animal ModelWei-ChungHsuMD, PhD
C057ABEAPredicting need for operative intervention in recurrent laryngotracheal stenosis using interoperative changes in spirometric measuresTylerCrosbyMD
C059ABEAAirway Protection and Patterns of Dysphagia in Infants with Cerebral PalsyAmitNarawaneBS, BA
C060ABEATransoral surgical anatomy of the cricopharyngeal bar under endoscopic visualizationShun-ichiChitoseMD
C062ABEAPredictors of Increased Surgical Drain Output following Type I Thyroplasty for Glottic InsufficiencyNicholasLenzeBS
C063ABEAFunctional Swallowing Outcomes following Surgery for Obstructive Sleep ApneaAlyshaRasoolMD
C064ABEASleep Outcomes of Concurrent Lingual Tonsillectomy and Epiglottopexy in Pediatric PatientsMatthewMaksimoskiMD
C065ABEAThe tonsil microbiome is associate with the serum level of interleukin 10 in healthy weight children with obstructive sleep apneaLi-AngLeeMD
C066ABEATransglottic Migration of a Nasal Trumpet: A Case Report and Literature ReviewMarkRussoMD
C068ABEACreative Approach to Esophageal Hex Nut Removal in Elderly Kyphotic WomanJoshuaSenterMD
C069ABEAAssessment of Non-Technical Skills Across Resident Training Stages in Complex Airway SimulationBrianWardBS/BA
C070ABEANational Database of Surgical Outcomes for Hypopharyngeal DiverticulaAndrewWittBS
C071ABEAUtility of Video Recorded Flexible Nasolaryngoscopy for Neonatal Vocal Cord Assessment in a Prospective CohortStephenChorneyMD, MPH
C073ABEAIntubation-related Laryngeal Pathology Precluding Tracheostomy Decannulation: Incidence and Risk Factors for DevelopmentKirstenMeenanMD
C074ABEADiffuse idiopathic hyperostosis (DISH) with Cervical Osteophytes Causing Dyspnea-A single Institution Case SeriesJamesMetkusMD
C075ABEAAnatomic Correlates with Subjective Swallowing Symptoms in Zenker's DiverticulumRaphaelHannaMD
C076ABEACan the EDI Distinguish PVFMD From Airway Stenosis in Obese Patients?KevinCalamariBA
C078ABEAHypersensitivity to Cymetra After Injection Laryngoplasty: A Case ReportCaitlinBertelsenMD
C079ABEAReadability of Online Patient Education Materials for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
C080ABEACreation and Implementation of a Laryngology Symptom Diary forTrial Vocal Fold InjectionChristopherDwyerMD
C084ABEAWire-Bristle Grill Brush Injuries in the U.S. and CanadaBradleyEichar
C086ABEADilatational percutaneous tracheostomy under laryngosuspensionIhabAtallahMD-PhD
C087ABEAEffect of Patient Characteristics and Tracheostomy Timing and Technique on Patient SurvivalChristopherParkBA
C089ABEARetrospective Analysis of Laryngeal Manifestations of Granulomatosis with PolyangiitisNatashaMinayaMD
C093ABEAAn Unusual Laryngeal Mass in a ChildRachelleWarehamMD
C094ABEADoes Collaboration with Interpreters Impact Voice Therapy Attendance?Kah WhyeLimBS
C095ABEANovel use of ultrasonic aspirator system for cricoid chondroma resectionNeelBhattMD
C096ABEAAssociation Between Quality of Life Questionnaires: Towards Laryngology PROM ReductionVyvyYoungMD
C097ABEAPredictors of Outcomes Following Outpatient Unilateral Medialization LaryngoplastyChristopherParkBA
C098ABEAIncidence of Tracheoesophageal Puncture and Prosthesis Placement in the Medicare Population From 2012 to 2017BrookeSu-VelezMD
C105ABEAEffect of Wendler Glottoplasty on Acoustic Measures of VoiceJosephChangMD
C107ABEADeglutition and Respiratory Patterns during Sleep in the Aged with OSAS under CPAP TherapyKiminoriSatoMD
C108ABEAPhysiology of Dysphagia in those with Unilateral Vocal Fold ImmobilityMayaStevensMS
C109ABEAThe Role of Social Determinants of Health in Decision Making for Post-Laryngectomy Voice RehabilitationChristopherBoydMD
C110ABEALaryngeal Chondrosarcoma: Clinicopathologic and Survival CharacteristicsJanetAdeolaMS
C111ABEAOncological and Clinical Outcomes of Transoral Robotic Supraglottic LaryngectomyJeromeLechienMD, PhD, MS
C118ABEAInflammatory Effects of Thickened Water on the Lungs in a Murine Model of Recurrent Aspiration
NogahNativ ZeltzerPhD
C120ABEAPediatric Tracheal Reconstructive Procedures in the United States: Analysis of a 12 year periodAlyssaSmithMD
C121ABEASocial Determinants of Health on Time to Diagnosis and Surgical Outcomes in Idiopathic Subglottic StenosisJaclynLeeB.S.
C124ABEAIsolated Laryngeal Amyloidosis in an Adolescent: A Case ReportCaseyFitzgeraldMD
C125ABEAToward the development of in-office evoked laryngeal electromyography: computed tomography and cadaveric studyNeelBhattMD
C126ABEAA Case of Recurrent Anaplastic Meningioma with Laryngeal Metastasis
C127ABEANational Database Outcomes of Esophageal DilationsMichaelMullenMD
E001TRIOAxillary Flap/Trans-Agger Approach as a Superolateral Conduit for Marsupialization of Frontal Orbital Ethmoid MucoceleMainakDuttaMS FACS
E002TRIOFactors Associated with Refusal of Treatment for Sinonasal MalignancyJeffGaoBS
E003TRIOObstructive Sleep Apnea Risk Factors and Postoperative Outcomes in Chronic Rhinosinusitis PatientsKevinHurMD
E005TRIOInpatient Sinus Surgery Patient Morbidity and Outcomes: A National AnalysisChristopher CTsengBS
E006TRIODermal Fat Graft Reconstruction of Parotidectomy Defects Normalizes Observer Facial Attention as Measured by Eye TrackingBarrett JAnderiesBS
E008TRIOA Nationwide Study on Cost Variation for Management of Inpatient Facial FracturesSamer TElsamnaBA
E009TRIOAssociation of Electronic Cigarette Vaping with Decreased Expression of Known Wound Healing Genes in Flap and Non-Flap Tissue in RatsZaroug AJaleelBS
E010TRIOPreoperative Characteristics Associated with Postoperative Improvement in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Nasal Airway Obstruction and Nasal Valve CollapseLeah JNovingerMD PhD
E011TRIOCase Report of Delayed Auricular Reconstruction Using Porous Polyethylene Implant for an Advanced Skin CancerBrian LScottMD
E013TRIOAssessing Patient Symptoms Due to Nasal Septal Perforation: Development and Validation of the NOSE-Perf ScaleCullen MTaylorMD
E014TRIOUnilateral Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow (PNIF) before and after Topical Decongestant and Its Correlation With Patient Reported Nasal ObstructionKendall NWeierichBS
E015TRIOPreoperative Characteristics of Zygomaticomaxillary Complex Fractures Predictive of the Need to Repair the Orbital FloorGrace TWuMD
E016TRIOThe Efficacy of Virtual Reality in Modulating Pain for Adults Undergoing Thyroid Fine Needle AspirationYasmina CAhmedMD
E017TRIOAcute Epiglottitis: Analysis of U.S. Mortality Trends over the Last Forty YearsMeredith AAllenBS
E018TRIOShort Term Outcomes in Zenker's Diverticulum Repair: Does Surgical Specialty Matter?Elisa RBersonBS
E019TRIOAcademic and Gender Differences Among U.S. Otolaryngology Societies' Board MembersLauren MBoeckermannMPH
E020TRIOBlessing or Burden? A Division of Otolaryngology Experience with Patient Portal MessagingChristopher TBreenAB
E021TRIOMarkup Ratios: Interprocedural and Geographic Variation in the Price of Otolaryngologic Surgery in the United StatesDaniel DBuBA
E024TRIOA Multi-Specialty Critical Airway Simulation Curriculum for Medical StudentsSarah MDermodyMD
E025TRIONeuromodulators for Atypical Facial Pain and Neuralgias: A Systematic ReviewTriet MDoMS
E026TRIOA Cost Analysis Comparing Reusable Flexible Fiberoptic Laryngoscopes to Disposable ScopesJames HEllisBS
E027TRIOEvaluating the Impact of Metabolic Syndrome on Postoperative Thyroidectomy OutcomesSamer TElsamnaBA
E028TRIOTonsillectomy in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome: Is There Any Harm?Samer TElsamnaBA
E029TRIOA Review of Demographics in Otolaryngology LeadershipDylan ZErwinBBA
E031TRIOOtolaryngology Related Content on Instagram: Current State and OpportunitiesRebecca WGaoMD
E032TRIOA Comprehensive Open Access Head and Neck Surgical Video Atlas for Otolaryngology TrainingAndrew JGoatesMD
E033TRIOPostoperative Tissue Plasminogen Activator Administration after Thyroidectomy: A Unique Management ChallengeJennifer LHarbMD
E035TRIOHead and Neck Injuries from Shark Attacks Are Increasing: Review of the Global Shark Attack FileSamuel EJonesBS
E038TRIOA New Method to Secure Tracheostomy Tubes with Improved Access for Tracheostomy CareCynthia KKoenigsbergBS
E040TRIORobotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Suspension of Hyoid with or without EpiglottoplastyYosef PKrespiMD
E041TRIOAre Opioids Overprescribed after Thyroid Surgery?Hilary CMcCraryMD MPH
E042TRIOIncorporation of an Advanced Ultrasound Curricular Component to Promote Otolaryngology Ultrasound Community of Practice DevelopmentSean MMcDermottBS
E044TRIOCase Report: Molar Embedded in the Orbital Floor Following Self-Inflicted GSWAndrea KNguyenBS
E046TRIOA Case Report of Alendronate Induced Laryngitis Progressing to Airway CompromiseNicholas WPritchardMD MA
E047TRIOBiomarkers in Clinical OtolaryngologyRuwaaSamarraiMD
E048TRIOChronic Sinusitis due to Actinomycosis in an Adolescent Patient following Neck Trauma: A Case ReportNicole MSantucciMS
E050TRIOTrends in the Incidence of the Peritonsillar Abscess among All Age GroupsJoseTingMD
E051TRIOAdoption of Alternative Educational Tools among Residency Programs
Rahul MVarmanMD
E052TRIOCervical Neck Strain in Common Otolaryngological SurgeriesRahul MVarmanMD
E054TRIODemographic Discrepancies of Adenoidectomy in the United StatesRahul MVarmanMD
E055TRIOThe Impact of Resident Clinic Coverage on Attending Otolaryngologist Electronic Health Record Productivity
Grace MWandellMD
E056TRIOENT Outcomes of Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Surgery Over a 10 Year PeriodMichele AWongBA
E057TRIOOtolaryngology on Twitter: Who Is the Target Audience?DeborahXieMD
E060TRIOFraility Index and Sarcopenia as Independent Predictors of Morbidity and Mortality in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma PatientsSean PAbbottBS
E061TRIOHospital Safety Net Burden Effect on Complications following Major Head and Neck SurgeryGregory LBarinskyPharmD
E063TRIOUtilization of p16 ELISA to Increase the Sensitivity of a Point of Care Screening Test for Early Detection of Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal CancerCaitlin MCovielloMBA
E064TRIOLateral Approach Improves Surgical Access to the Superior Pole in Giant Endemic GoitersCarolyn ADeBiaseMD
E065TRIOPatient Awareness of Head and Neck Cancer Risk Factors: Assessment of the General Otolaryngology PopulationCarolyn ADeBiaseMD
E066TRIOAssessing the Therapeutic Benefit of Primary Tumor Surgical Resection in Distant Metastatic Cancers of the ThyroidSamer TElsamnaBA
E067TRIOChronic In Vivo Study of A Novel Biocompatible Marker for Trans-oral Robotic Surgery
E070TRIOA New Device of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Using a Vibrating Linear Resonant ActuatorRyusukeHoriMD PhD
E071TRIOInfluence of the route of administration of panitumumab-IRDye800CW on sentinel node identification in an orthotopic nude mouse modelCrista EHortonBS
E072TRIOA Novel Technique for Reconstruction of Massive Anterolateral Thigh Donor Site Wounds Using Perforator-Based Propeller FlapsCaroline MHudsonMD
E074TRIOEffect of Pattern of Lymph Node Involvement on Mortality in HPV Positive Oropharyngeal CancerDanielJacobsBA
E076TRIODemographic Disparities in Outcomes of Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma by HPV StatusDerek DKaoBS
E077TRIOOutcomes Associated with Fibrin Sealant Use in Lateral Neck DissectionsMichael JLaiBS
E078TRIOFree Flap Tissue Reconstruction in Transfusion Free Surgeries of the Head and NeckHyun JinYimBS
E080TRIOSocioeconomic Status and Access to Care Drive Racial Disparities in HPV Negative Head and Neck CancerNicholas RLenzeBS
E082TRIOModified Marionette Sialodochoplasty Technique for Unassisted In-Office Sialodochoplasty of Wharton's DuctCollin FMulcahyMD
E084TRIOSystematic Review of E-Cigarette Injuries in ENT: What Does the Otolaryngologist Need to Know?BenjaminPartialiMS
E085TRIOEvaluating 30-Day Readmissions after HNCA Pedicled or Free-Flap SurgeriesMichellePeiBS
E086TRIOAn Experimental Comparison of Supervised Autonomous and Robotically Assisted Electrosurgery for Oropharyngeal CarcinomaHamedSaeidiPhD
E088TRIOAssociation between Age and Nodal Metastasis in Papillary Thyroid CarcinomaNavika DShuklaBA
E090TRIOMajor Salivary Gland Ultrasound Standardized Views: Improving Anatomic Identification in ResidentsAlexander JStraughanBA
E092TRIOSalvage Resection for Oropharyngeal Cancer in the HPV EraSydney GThomasBS
E095TRIOQuality of Care and Functional Outcomes of Laryngeal Cancer Care in Commercially Insured PatientsMelina JWindonMD
E096TRIOThe Utility of the Cl:PO4 Ratio in Patients with Normocalcemic Primary HyperparathyroidismCourtney NWrightBS
E098TRIOA Case of Tracheobronchitis Secondary to Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Patient With Ulcerative ColitisJerlonChiuMD
E099TRIOEarly Adverse Events Following Transcervical Hypopharyngeal Diverticulum SurgeryKhodayar NGoshtasbiBS
E100TRIOSuperior Cornu Cough Syndrome: A Novel Laryngeal Etiology of Chronic CoughJesse LSchmidMD
E101TRIOCase Report: The Unusual Presentation of an Erythematous Pharyngocele with Acute Respiratory DistressKaylee BSchraderBS
E104TRIOIn Vivo Study Measuring Middle Ear Pressure during Various Stages of Eustachian Tube Balloon DilationRoyaAzadarmakiMD
E105TRIOUsing All-Payer Outpatient Discharge Data to Explore Statewide Cochlear Implantation Trends in Texas Between 2010-2017
E106TRIOComparison of Imaging Findings in Patients with Sigmoid Sinus Wall Anomalies, Intracranial Hypertension and Spontaneous CSF LeaksKavitaBhatnagarBA
E107TRIOPatterns of Audiometric Threshold Shifts in Patients with Pulsatile Tinnitus Associated with Sigmoid Sinus Wall AnomaliesKavitaBhatnagarBA
E108TRIOSpeech Recognition Benefit with Longer Lateral Wall Electrode Arrays: Long Term Followup of a Prospective Randomized TrialMichael WCanfarottaMD
E109TRIOBilateral Profound Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss with Loss of Labyrinthine and Cochlear T2 Signal as Initial Presenting Symptom of Hyperviscosity Syndrome in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: A Case for Urgent Cochlear ImplantationLukas DDumbergerMD
E111TRIOPostoperative Complications of Older Patients with and without Hearing LossRyan JHuangBA
E112TRIOAssociation of Headache and Quality of Life in Patients with Acoustic Neuromas following Retrosigmoid and Translabyrinthine ApproachesPauline PHuynhBA
E113TRIOMetastatic Disease of the Temporal Bone: Case Report and Systematic ReviewAlexander JJonesMD
E114TRIOIsolated Petrous Apex Chordoma Mimicking a Paraganglioma: An Imaging Case Review
Adam C
E117TRIOEconomic Impact of Diagnostic Imaging in the Workup of Uncomplicated Bell's PalsyElycia KKazemianMD
E118TRIOLong-Term Impact of Hearing Aid Provision or Cochlear Implantation on Hearing HandicapAlexander SKimMTM
E119TRIODonepezil Therapy Is Associated with Hearing Preservation in Patients with Alzheimer's DementiaNicholas TKoenBS
E120TRIOHearing Status and Rehabilitative Profile of 878 Patients with Sporadic Vestibular SchwannomaJohn PMarinelliMD
E121TRIOA Wider Influence: The Impact of Formal Humanitarian Otology Training on Otology-Neurotology FellowsAnne KMaxwellMD
E122TRIOThe Utility of Immediate Otolaryngology Consultation for Temporal Bone Fractures at a Level One Trauma CenterScott IMayerMD
E123TRIOOtoconia Matrix Protein, Otolin-1, Is Strongly Correlated with Parathyroid HormoneKelly AMcKennaBS
E127TRIOA Nearly Perfect Correlation between Two Circulatory Otological Biomarkers, Prestin and Otolin-1KouroshParhamMD PhD
E128TRIONatural History of Untreated Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing LossJessica OPintoBA
E129TRIOComparison of Performance of Commercial Auditory Speech Recognition Systems to a Visual Speech Recognition ProgramArun MRaghavanBS
E131TRIOCSF Leaks following Excision of Endolymphatic Sac Tumors: A Systematic ReviewMalloryPetersBS
E133TRIOGender Prevalence and Mentorship Trends in Otology and Neurotology PublicationsNatalie MSchauweckerBS
E134TRIOA Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Randomized Trial of Pentoxifylline for Imbalance Secondary to Insufficient Microvascular PerfusionJeffrey ASorensenMD
E135TRIOA Systematic Review of Cochlear Implant Outcomes in Pendred Syndrome PatientsDeannaTranBS
E137TRIOIntralabyrinthine Migration of a Total Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis and its ManagementRobert MTuliszewskiMD
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E142TRIOPerioperative Outcomes after Airway Reconstruction among Pediatric PatientsAlexanderHansenMD
E143TRIOMind Already Made Up: Parental Choice Predisposition for TonsillectomyGrace RLeuBS
E145TRIONanotechnology Directed Identification of Cytomegalovirus in Children's Urine (NICCU) StudyCedric VPritchettMD MPH
E147TRIOHistoplasmosis Presenting as Acute Foreign Body Aspiration: A Case Report and Review of the LiteratureJames BTanseyBS
E148TRIOPorcine Acellular Submucosa Myringoplasty as a Replacement for Gelfilm Myringoplasty after Tympanostomy Tube RemovalNigel KertzeWangBS
E149TRIOVariants of Nasoseptal Flap Technique for Endoscopic Skull Base Reconstruction: A Review of Options and PearlsChristinaDorismondMPH
E150TRIORole of Nasal Vestibule Morphological Variations on Olfactory Airflow TransportRyan MSicardBS
E151TRIOA New Evaluation Method for Facial Movements Using iPhoneKokiHasebeMD
E152TRIOChanges in Serum Levels of an Inner-Ear-Specific Biomarker, Otolin-1, in Ovariectomized Rat Model of Estrogen Deficiency
Michael BrianBoweBS
E153TRIOSexual and Gender Minority Diversity and Curriculum within Otolaryngology Residency: A National Survey of Program DirectorsTeddy GGoetzMS
E154TRIOProspective Determination of Airway Response to Upper Airway Stimulation: A New Opportunity for Advanced Device TitrationCarolyn MJenksMD
E155TRIOTrust in the Surgeon-Patient Relationship: Know How You Got Here!Lulia AKanaBS
E156TRIOUltrasound and sialogram correlates to IgG4-related disease involving the parotid glandKathryn SMarcusBS
E157TRIOImpact of a Postoperative Analgesia Protocol: A Resident Led Effort to Standardize Opioid Prescribing PatternsCharles DMeyerMD
E158TRIOThe Culture and Climate Surrounding Gender Equity Among Otolaryngology FacultyJessa EMillerMD
E159TRIOAn Online Module to Improve Healthcare Worker Epistaxis KnowledgeAri MStoneBS
E160TRIOClinical vs. Pathologic Laryngeal Cancer Staging and Impact on OutcomesKevin JContreraMD MPH
E161TRIOAssessment of Factors Associated with Prolonged Inpatient Length of Stay after Total LaryngectomyDanielJacobsBA
E162TRIOEffect of Myofascial Release Physical Therapy on Chronic Laryngologic ComplaintsBrette CHardingMD MS
E163TRIOEffects of Metformin on Recurrent Laryngeal Dysplasia in Nondiabetic PatientsKara RSilberthauBA
E164TRIOAuditory Feedback Control of Vocal Pitch in Spasmodic DysphoniaArthur SThomasBA
E165TRIOEndoscopic Cartilage Tympanoplasty Is Not Inferior to Microscopic Cartilage TympanoplastyIsaac DErbeleMD
F002ANSPreoperative Sudden Hearing Loss May Predict Hearing Preservation after
Retrosigmoid Resection of Vestibular Schwannoma
Kareem O.TawfikMD
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An International Cross-Specialty Survey
Robert J.MacielakMD
F006ANSOffice Based Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation: Safety and FeasibilityRoyaAzadarmakiMD
F007ANSProposal of a diagnostic criteria and a staging system for skull base osteomyelitis: CT-based classification showing correlation with prognosisKuniyukiTakahashiMD
F009ANSPentoxifylline and Tocopherol in the Management of Temporal Bone Osteoradionecrosis:
A Case Series
Benjamin D.LovinMD
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Outcomes following Surgical Removal of Vestibular Schwannoma
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A Systematic Review
Jason H.BarnesMD
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in Elderly Cochlear Implant Patients?
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after Middle Cranial Fossa Resection of Acoustic Neuroma
Kareem O.TawfikMD
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on CSF Leak Rate in Retrosigmoid Approach to Vestibular
Schwannoma Resection: A Review of 169 Cases
Tiffany P.HwaMD
F019ANSReduction of Tinnitus in Sigmoid Sinus Dehiscence Repair: Use of Isolated
Reinforced Bone Cement Without Autologous Material Versus
Autologous Fascia and Cartilage Graft
Adam C.KaufmanMD, PhD
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Does Context Matter?
Maura K.CosettiMD
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in Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery
HosseinMahboubiMD, MPH
F022ANSPrevalence, surgical management, and audiologic impact of sigmoid sinus dehiscence causing pulsatile tinnitusAbhinav R.EttyreddyMD
F023ANSIncreasing Frailty, Not Increasing Age, Results in Increased Length of Stay Following Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery
Geoffrey C.CasazzaMD
F024ANSAssessment of Inter- and Intra-Rater Reliability of Tablet-Based Software
to Measure Cochlear Duct Length
Shayna P.CoopermanBA
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to Vestibular Schwannomas: A Meta-analysis of 2,975 Surgeries
Kaitlyn F.StricklandMD
F028ANSVolumetric Analysis of Vestibular Schwannomas:
Vestibular and Audiometric Correlates
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F036ANSThe Reality of Hearing Preservation in Cochlear Implantation:
Who is Really Benefiting?
F038ANSPreoperative Caloric Testing is a Poor Predictor of Postoperative DizzinessIsaac D.ErbeleMD
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for the Evaluation of Stapes Prosthesis Dimension
in Revision Stapedectomy
F040ANSEpisodic versus Chronic Dizziness:
An Analysis of Predictive Factors
EricFormeisterMD, MS
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Utilizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A. MorganSelleckMD
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F050ANSMagnetic Resonance Imaging Fluid Signal Intensity in the Diagnosis of Temporal Bone Cerebrospinal Fluid LeaksArunRaghavanBS
F051ANSPredicting Schwannoma Growth in a Mouse Flank Tumor Model using Targeted ImagingDaniel R.MorrisonMD
G001AOSCost Analysis of Intact Canal Wall versus Canal Wall Down
G002AOSA Structural Analysis of Tympanic Compartments of the Middle Ear
In Patients with Down's Syndrome: A Temporal Bone Study
TaketoshiNogakiMD, PhD
G003AOSCan You Hear Me Now? The Impact of Hearing Loss on Patient Health LiteracyAnthony M.TolisanoMD
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Approaches for Repair of Cerebrospinal Fluid Otorrhea
YinRenMD, PhD
G005AOSCytotoxicity of Tetracyclines in Human Tympanic Membrane FibroblastsCarolyn O.DirainPhD
G006AOSEvaluating the Impact of Poloxamers on Survival
of Human Tympanic Membrane Fibroblasts
Carolyn O.DirainPhD
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A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Young JaeByunBS
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A Cost Effectiveness, Case-Control Study
SagitStern ShavitMD
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for Surgical Management of Otosclerosis
Christopher R.RazaviMD
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Dehiscence Causing Pulsatile Tinnitus
Peter E.AshmanMD
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A Case-Control Study
Robert J.MacielakMD
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to Predict Ossiculoplasty Hearing Outcomes
Ryan T.JuddBS
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A Population-Based Study
Rahul K.SharmaBS
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Neurotrophin Analogues
Judith S.KempfleMD
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G025AOSReconstruction of the Obliterated Eustachian Tube:
A Pilot Case Series
G026AOSEfficacy of Porcine Small Intestine Submucosal Graft TympanoplastyTimothyKearneyMS
G028AOSQuality Indicators for the Diagnosis and Management of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing LossJustinCottrellMD
G029AOSUtility of the Dix-Hallpike Test in the Assessment of Migraine-Associated VertigoBahbakShariat-MadarMD
G030AOSWide Variation in Provider Use of Canalith Repositioning
Procedures among Medicare Beneficiaries
G031AOSNot too Late for Steroids: A Look at the Effects of Delayed Onset
Steroid Treatment in Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Lindsay C.BovenMD
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Nauman F.ManzoorMD
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Cochlear Implantation Surgeries over 10 Years
G035AOSHearing Outcomes of Canal Wall Reconstruction Mastoidectomy
with the Use of Silastic Sheeting
Scott B.ShapiroMD
G037AOSA Roadmap Towards Regeneration of a Tympanic Membrane
from the Scarred Rim of a Tympanic Membrane Perforation
G038AOSCochlear Implantation and Electric Acoustic Stimulation
in Children with TMPRSS3 Mutation
Jourdan T.HolderAuD
G039AOSAssessing the Relation between the Degree of Temporal Bone
Pneumatization and the Prevalence of a Dehiscence
G042AOSLong term outcomes from gamma knife treatment for vestibulocochlear nerve schwannomas in a large, tertiary care, academic hospitalMatthewMaksimoskiMD
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G050AOSAre Opioids Necessary in Middle Ear Surgery? Comparing the Transcanal and Post-Auricular Approach
Geoffrey C.CasazzaMD
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G052AOSCharacterization of Ciprofloxacin and Ciprodex Resistance Levels in Otitis MediaKatherine V.Trinh
G053AOSSpeech Recognition Outcomes in Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients using Slim Straight (CI522) or Slim Periomodiolar (CI532) ArraysMargaret EMacPhailMS
G054AOSAudiometric Profile of Current Cochlear Implant Recipients Highlights Limitations of Traditional Candidacy Paradigms
Linda X.YinMD
G055AOSDoes "Unserviceable" Mean Unaidable? Assessing Hearing Aid Utilization in Patients with Word Recognition
Scores Less Than 50%
Emma D.TranBSc
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H032ASPOCranial Fasciitis of the Face: Case Report and Review of the Recent LiteratureAlexandraMcMillanPhD
H033ASPONon accidental trauma presenting with nasal septal hematoma or abscessSaiedGhadersohiMD
H034ASPOKetorolac and AdenoidectomyRobertMonfortBS
H035ASPOMore Than One Way to Skin an Ear: Complex Reconstruction of an Auricular Avulsion InjuryLuisNeveMD
H037ASPOA Rare Case of Velopharyngeal Insufficiency: Isolated Unilateral Agenesis of the Soft Palate Repaired with a Pharyngeal FlapKyleKimuraMD
H039ASPOPediatric Head and Neck Manifestation of Li-Fraumeni and Li-Fraumeni-Like Syndromes
H040ASPOStridor Related to Vagus Nerve Stimulator and Acquired Laryngomalacia: A Case ReportDanielGergesMD
H042ASPOThe Diagnosis And Management Of Kikuchi-Fujimoto DiseaseStevenHamiltonMD
H043ASPOPediatric unilateral isolated choanal atresia is not associated with mandibular condyle hypoplasiaMelissaOhMD
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H047ASPOSurgical Management of Congenital Dacryocystopyocele: A Case SeriesSTEPHENBOLLINGERMD
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H049ASPONasal Cavity Ewing's Sarcoma: Recognition and Management of A Rare DiseaseZacharyUrdangMD/PhD
H050ASPODiffuse Sclerosing Variant of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in Pediatric Patients - A Case SeriesZacharyGeigerDO
H052ASPOSafety of balloon eustachian tuboplasty in the pediatric patient populationAnthonyHowardDO
H053ASPOManagement of a Widely Invasive Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma with DICER1 MutationJennifer A.BrooksMD, MPH
H056ASPOAssociation of Perioperative Ibuprofen Exposure with Post-Tonsillectomy Hemorrhage Requiring Operative ManagementAshleyMillerMD
H058ASPOPrematurity and Low Birthweight as Risk Factors for Earlier Otolaryngologic ManagementZarougJaleelB.S
H059ASPOCombined Trans-stomal Endo-tracheal Approach to Tracheal Pathologies in Children with a TracheostomyAriDeRoweMD
H060ASPOIdentifying Cohort Differences in Children Undergoing Partial Intracapsular Tonsillectomy vs Traditional Tonsillectomy for Sleep-Disordered BreathingLeeBauterBS
H061ASPOPediatric neck computed tomography and its diagnostic yield in the Emergency RoomCameronHeilbronnMD
H063ASPOPolysomnography Variables Associated with Respiratory Issues in Children <3 Years of Age Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy for Obstructive Sleep ApneaKathleenBillingsMD
H064ASPOAcuity of Monitoring in Children <2 Years of Age Undergoing Adenotonsillectomy for Obstructive Sleep ApneaJenniferLavinMD
H065ASPOHow Long do Tympanostomy Ventilation Tubes Last in Pediatric Patients with Otitis Media with Effusion or Adhesion? A Study Using Kaplan-Meier AnalysisShintaroOtsukaMD
H067ASPOThe Effect of Language Barriers at Discharge on Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy Outcomes and Healthcare ContactXiDaiBA
H068ASPOShort term feeding outcomes in extremely premature infants with a tracheostomyArianaGreenwellMD
H069ASPONeonatal Tracheostomy in Infants Born in the Periviable Period: Characteristics and ComplicationsTaylorTeplitzkyMD
H070ASPOBirth Month and Tympanostomy Tube Insertion in Pediatric Patients with Recurrent Acute Otitis MediaAprilPetersonBSPH
H071ASPORole of Operative Endoscopy inDiagnosis ofAirway Hemangiomas in PHACESVaibhavRamprasadMD
H073ASPOComparison of Perioperative Pain Control Regimens for Pediatric Bilateral Myringotomy and Tube PlacementAlexanderGertelMD
H075ASPOHearing outcomes following universal screening for congenital cytomegalovirus: Ontario's early experiencePatriciaPurcellMD, MPH
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H082ASPOOutcomes of Sleep Surgery in Children with a History of PrematurityFloraYanBA
H083ASPOPediatric Tympanoplasty Outcomes By Graft Material SelectionNathanCassMD
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H090ASPOEffect of Obesity on Adenotonsillectomy Outcomes and DISE Findings in Children with Down SyndromeRulaMuallaMD
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H102ASPOGastrostomy Tube Placement in Patients with 22q11.2BridgetEbertB.A.
H103ASPOGenetic findings in patients with Stickler Syndrome: A retrospective reviewDanielSwansonBS
H104ASPORegional Differences in Cost and Rate of AdenoidectomyFloraYanBA
H105ASPOBarriers to Sleep Care and Surgery for Children: Perspectives of Low-Income Parents
H107ASPOPrevalence and Impact of Internet and Social Media Use Among Families Affected By LaryngomalaciaCarolLiMD
H109ASPOHow A Multidisciplinary Tracheostomy Clinic Affects Quality Of CareTatianaYeungBA
H110ASPOHealth Literacy Rates in the Pediatric Tracheostomy Caregiver PopulationChristineSettoonMD
H112ASPOMoving Beyond the Temporal Bone Lab: Practicing Pediatric Temporal Bone Drilling Within the Pediatric Otolaryngology ClinicMonikaFreiserMD, MPH
H113ASPOPediatric Tracheostomy Safety: A Pilot Study of an Airway Safety PlacardGiuseppeStaltariMD
H115ASPOCulturally Directed Educational Material Impact on Preoperative Understanding of Microtia Surgical Repair in Peruvian Global InitiativeStuartCurtisMD
H117ASPOCongenital Midline Lip Sinus Tracks: Case Reports and Management OptionsKarinHotchkissMD
H118ASPOKeeping the Trach Safe: A Pediatric accidental tracheostomy decannulation prevention initiativeRebeccaBrooksMSN, APRN, PCNS-BC
H119ASPOBranchial Cleft Fistula: Use of a Fistulogram and Guidewire to Facilitate Complete Removal - A Review of 8 CasesNadineHaykalMD
H121ASPOPrevention of Nasal Alar Necrosis from Prolonged Nasotracheal Intubation in Pediatric Laryngotracheal ReconstructionCierstenBurksMD
H123ASPOThe Impact of Hospital Surgical Volume on Healthcare Utilization and Surgical Outcomes for Pediatric ThyroidectomyAlexanderChesoverMBBS
H124ASPOThe Effect of Age, Sex, and Tonsil Size on Pediatric Tonsillectomy Outcomes in Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaAkhil
H125ASPOProcedural sedation in minor procedure rooms: optimizing delivery of care in pediatric patients undergoing myringotomy and tympanostomyCatherineRoyMD(c)
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H132ASPOSterile Processing Collaboration to Improve Emergency Airway Cart Efficiency in the Era of Joint CommissionErinHamersleyDO
H133ASPOSurgical Excision of Third Branchial Cleft Vestiges with Thyroid Involvement, Outcomes and Operative TechniqueMatthewMaksimoskiMD
H134ASPOSurgical Treatment of Medically Recalcitrant Atypical Mycobacterium Infections of the Head and NeckMatthewMaksimoskiMD
H136ASPOPediatric Otolaryngology Airway Cart Utilization in Intensive Care Unit IntubationsErinHamersleyDO
H138ASPOEffects of Laryngeal Notch Augmentation in Chronically Aspirating Pediatric PatientsJesseSchmidMD
H140ASPOPredictors of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Pediatric Bacterial Meningitis: A Systematic ReviewMalloryPetersBS
H141ASPOPediatric Sleep-disordered Breathing Severity and Quality of Life: Meta-analysis of CorrelationsEliseZhaoBS
H142ASPOThe Prevalence of Swallowing Dysfunction in Children Diagnosed with Laryngomalacia: a Systematic ReviewHusseinJaffalMD
H144ASPOQuality Indicators for the Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric TonsillitisJustinCottrellMD
H145ASPOSocioeconomic Determinants of Patients Undergoing Traditional Tonsillectomy versus Partial Intracapsular Tonsillectomy for Sleep Disordered BreathingEricaSherMD
H146ASPOImplementation Of An Order Set Demonstrates Surgeon Adherence To Standardized Postoperative Pain Management Protocols In Pediatric AdenotonsillectomyAbbeyStuderMBA
H147ASPOParental and Provider Perspectives on Social Media about Tongue-TieSarahGrondBA
H148ASPOEndoscopic airway caliper assessment of subglottic stenosisMichaelWeinstockMD
H149ASPODevelopment of a Novel Surgical Instrument for Endoscopic-Assisted Insertion of Auditory Brainstem Implants in Children
H151ASPOPediatric Risk Factors of Postobstructive Pulmonary Edema Following AdenotonsillectomyAndrewMarodaMD
H152ASPOAre Spanish-speaking families less satisfied with care in pediatric otolaryngology?GraceWandellMD, MS
H153ASPOGeographic Disparities in Access to Adenotonsillectomy for Pediatric Sleep-disordered BreathingDylanLevyBS
H154ASPOTrends in the diagnosis and intervention of pediatric ankyloglossiaNicolaPereiraBA
H155ASPOIntraoperative Interventions to Mitigate Ergonomic Risk in OtolaryngologyNatalieKelly
H156ASPODesign, Creation, and Validation of a Multicolor 3D Printed Temporal Bone SimulatorJennaDevareMD
H157ASPOIdentification of Preferable Materials for 3D Printed Medical Models in Pediatric OtolaryngologyAllisonPowellMSE
H158ASPOResource Utilization and Costs Associated with Failure of AdenotonsillectomyJarrettFosterBS
H160ASPOTracheal squamous metaplasia in children with endotracheal intubation or tracheostomyChristianHochstimMD/PhD
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H164ASPOBarriers to Voice Therapy in Dysphonic ChildrenAnneHseuMD
H165ASPOOtolaryngologic Manifestations of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in ChildrenGrantSpencerB.A.
H166ASPOAssessing the Effect of Obesity on Operative Times for Pediatric Patients Undergoing AdenotonsillectomyDhivyaaAnandanBA
H167ASPOExpediting Care for Patients Undergoing Tympanostomy Tube Placement: Lessons Learned from a Tertiary Care Advanced Practice Provider ClinicMichaelBelskyMS
H168ASPOPatient Factors Associated with NPO Violations in an Urban Pediatric Otolaryngology PracticeKathleenBillingsMD
H169ASPOAdenoidectomy Without Tonsillectomy for Pediatric Obstructive Sleep ApneaStephenChorneyMD, MPH
H170ASPOInitiation of Acid Suppression Therapy For LaryngomalaciaSophiaDangMD
H171ASPOThe Utility of Handheld Ultrasound as a Point of Care Screening Tool to assess Vocal Fold Impairment following Congenital Heart SurgeryAnitaDeshpandeMD
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