The history of the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM) dates back to 1970 when the Triological Society suggested the formation of a liaison committee composed of the Secretaries of each of the ORL Societies (AAFPRS, ABEA, ALA, AOS, AHNS, TRIO) that met together each Spring. The Secretaries agreed to have the American Council of Otolaryngology handle the logistics of this increasingly complex meeting and its Executive Director, Dr. Harry McCurdy, chair the Secretaries’ Liaison Committee (SLC). Each Society was individually responsible for handling its own scientific and social programs and its own registration.

As other ORL Societies grew, they were admitted to the COSM group when they met the criteria established by the SLC, and the group grew to 10 Societies with the addition of AAOA, ARS, ASPO, and ANS. The American Council of Otolaryngology merged with the Academy in 1982 and Dr. McCurdy continued to chair the SLC as Academy EVP.

Dr. Jerome Goldstein became the Academy EVP in 1984 and replaced Dr. McCurdy as SLC Chair. Under his direction, the Academy Meetings Department in 1986 introduced a common registration form and badge to obviate the necessity for each society to provide these, and the Department continued to arrange for the needs for audiovisual equipment, logistical setups and decorating needs, auxiliary meetings and exhibitor recruitment and displays. The SLC continues to meet at least twice a year.

In September 1999, they voted to have Dr. Goldstein, former Academy EVP, continue as SLC Chair. In response to surveyed suggestions, the SLC agreed to shorten the COSM meeting to five days by encouraging Society shared and simultaneous presentations. AAOA announced they would withdraw from the COSM group in 2002, which left nine participating societies.

In May 2004, the COSM SLC voted and agreed to transfer the logistics management and exhibitor recruitment of COSM to the American College of Surgeons.

In September 2009, the COSM SLC voted for Dr. Stanley Shapshay to succeed Dr. Goldstein as the SLC Chair beginning with the April 2011 Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

In September, 2016, the COSM SLC voted for Dr. Gregory Grillone to succeed Dr. Shapshay following the April 2017 Meeting in San Diego, California.