Director of Division – Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology

Hiring Facility: University of Tuebingen Hospital Center
Employment Position Title: Director of Division – Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology
Specialty Field: Head and Neck

About the company

Rochus Mummert Healthcare Consulting is the market leader among personnel consultancies specialized in the healthcare sector in Germany. The University of Tübingen Hospital Center is one of Germany’s leading academic medical centers. About 75,000 inpatients and about 380,000 outpatients are treated annually. With around 10,000 employees, the University of Tübingen Hospital Center is the largest employer in the region. To strengthen and expand the team, the Department of Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery (OHNS), chaired by Prof. Dr. med. Hubert Löwenheim is looking for a Director of Division – Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology full-time.

With one of the most prominent Head & Neck tumor centers in Germany, the Cochlear Implant Center, and an internationally recognized Research and Development Center, the Department of Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Tübingen is one of the significant OHNS Departments in Europe. The Department of OHNS provides surgical care over the entire spectrum of the specialty, with around 6,000 surgical cases per year. In addition, over 30,000 outpatient patients are seen annually. The Department of OHNS covers the subspecialty areas of Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology, Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Nerve Rehabilitation, Otology and Neurotology, Rhinology and Allergology, Laryngology and Phoniatrics, Pediatric Otolaryngology and Comprehensive Otolaryngology. The Department of OHNS hosts an international team, including foreign-trained physicians and scientists in its clinical and research divisions at all seniority levels.

Your responsibilities

  • Leadership of the Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology division, the associated inpatient ward, an Emergency Care and “Intermediate Care” ward, and outpatient consultation
  • Represent of the Division of Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology within the framework of the
    Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Head & Neck Tumor Center, other related speciality tumor centers (i.e., dermatooncology) and the molecular tumor board
    Built an academically
    driven Division of Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Participate in the training and continuing education of residents

Your profile

  • The successful candidate must be board certified in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery with clinical subspecialty and scientific training in the field of Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology, including reconstructive surgery (structured, subspecialty fellowship training in Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology)
  • Several years of senior management experience and an interest in developing the field of head & neck surgery and oncology in a leading role
  • A clinician-scientist background in basic and/or clinical research as well as teaching experience

Your opportunity

  • The Department strongly supports establishing an independent scientific working group as a
    “clinician-scientist” with an in-house research facility and a specialized OHNS Clinical Study Center.
  • The University of Tübingen Medical School offers a unique, broad-based scientific and translational environment in the field of oncology with excellent opportunities for personal development.
  • Numerous opportunities for cooperation in oncological research at various institutions of  Medical Faculty and beyond (National Center for Tumor Diseases South-West Germany, Center for Personalized Medicine, Center for Rare Diseases, Cluster of Excellence “Individualization of Tumor Therapies by Molecular Imaging and Functional Identification of Therapeutic Targets (iFIT), Werner Siemens Imaging Center, Research Institute “M3” – Malignome, Metabolome and Microbiome -, Center for Personalized Medicine, Interfaculty Institutes for Cell Biology and Biochemistry and Max Planck Institutes of Developmental Biology and DNA Research as well as one of the most active industrial biotechnology and artificial intelligence clusters in Europe
  • The city of Tübingen consistently ranks at the top level in national “livability” contests. With easy access to the recreational areas of nearby mountains and the Black Forest, a nationally recognized food culture, Tübingen is a beautiful university town with a unique cultural footprint and a rich academic heritage hosting one of Germany’s oldest universities


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