Otologist/ Neurotologist

Hiring Facility: Spokane ENT

Specialty Field: Otology

Spokane ENT (a division of Columbia Surgical Specialists) is a physician-owned practice with history that stretches over 100 years. We are seeking to hire a fellowship-trained otologist to replace a retiring colleague who leaves behind a diverse and robust clinical practice.

Applicants can expect a busy schedule shortly after starting, with operative work that will be divided between 2 surgeons. In an average year…

  • We treat ~50 skull base patients with surgery or gamma knife, the latter of which is performed by us. Our longstanding and collegial relationship with a group of talented neurosurgeons supports this practice.
  • Over 300 patients are operated for temporal bone disease, with surgeries occurring in our physician-owned ambulatory surgery center as well as the local hospitals.
  • About 100 implants – cochlear and BAHA – are placed in adult and pediatric patients.

The ENT group consists of ~10 otolaryngologists (with subspecialists in H&N/microvascular, rhinology/anterior skull base, and pediatrics), 3 midlevel providers, 7 audiologists, 7 hearing aid dispensers, 2 allergy nurses, and 3 vestibular therapists. Call is about 1 in 10 without facial trauma requirements. Most physicians hold academic positions with the University of Washington as well as Washington State University, both of which have medical students who complete all 4 years of school in Spokane. Starting salary is competitive, a bonus program augments it, there is no state income tax, and full benefits are included. The opportunity for partnership is entertained after 1 year of employment and under most circumstances occurs within 2 years.

Spokane is in Eastern Washington and is the medical hub of the inland northwest. The metro area has a population of 600k and our geographic catchment holds about 2M people. We field referrals from a >200 mile radius. Cost of living remains affordable, especially when compared with metropolitan areas home to practices our size. Many physicians in the group frequent lakefront property or slopeside homes within 90 minutes of downtown for world-class skiing, watersports, fishing, cycling, and hiking. Most of us commute about 10 minutes to our 30,000 sq ft downtown office, through neighborhoods, without any highway traffic.

To be considered for the position, please submit a curriculum vitae with your reply to wschmitt@spokaneent.com. We are considering both recent fellowship graduates as well as mid-career otologists. The start date is negotiable, but ideally between August 2023 and 2024.

Requestor’s Name: William Schmitt
Requestor’s Email Address: williamrschmitt@gmail.com